Storm in the Canyon

Backpacking to Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon, Arizona - November 2002

Heading down the Kiabab Trail

Looking West from Cedar Ridge
Rocks of the Supai Formation and Redwall Limestone form the distintive red band on the upper canyon.

Big Deep Canyon
One of the scarier sections of trail below Skeleton Point.

On the Edge of the Inner Gorge

Home, Sweet Home
Kim, Shelly, and Tran at the Bright Angel Campground at Phantom Ranch.

The Ranger Station at Phantom Ranch

Backpacker Ballet in Bright Angel Canyon
Raising your legs above your head reduces muscle soreness... looks pretty darn funny too.

Ribbon Falls
Located in a side canyon, six miles to the north of Phantom Ranch

Last Stop on the Colorado
Erik, Todd, Steph, Sree, Shelly, and Tran on the Silver Suspension bridge - Photo by Kim

Canyon Sunset from Indian Gardens

Wind and Clouds on Plateau Point
Tran, Kim, Todd, Steph, Sree, and Shelly at the Plateau Point Overlook.

A Last Burst of Sunlight
Gaps in the storm make for an incredible light show over Plataeu Point.

Back On Top
Looking down on Indian Gardens and Plateau Point from the comfort of Bridge Angel Lodge.

Close-Up of Hopi House
Mary Jane Colter designed this Pueblo-Style Art Gallery for the Fred Harvey Company in 1905.

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