Between a Slot and a Hard Place

Antelope Canyon, Arizona - March 2003

Going Down...
Antelope Canyon is a famous slot canyon on the Navajo Indian Reservation near Page, Arizona. It is actually divided into two separate sections (Upper and Lower) which are on either side of Highway 98. The canyons have become popular in recent years and now require paid admission to enter. From the above, you would never guess what lies below. Here Steph stands over the top of the Lower Canyon.

You really almost need a few people in the pictures to get a sense of scale. Here Tom (left) and Todd (right) go about the delicate task of lining up a good shot.

Totallly Twisted
Although the true slot portions are only a few hundred feet long, they are pretty amazing and unworldly.

Totallly Twisted 2

Totallly Twisted 3

Totallly Twisted 4

Upper Antelope Canyon
In the summer of 2004, I did a tour of Upper Antelope which is a couple miles north of the highway. Visiting the Upper canyon required going with a scheduled tour group which includes a jeep ride to the mouth of the canyon (the lower section could be walked through on your own). The slot section of the Upper Canyon is shorter than the lower and a bit less narrow (though no less amazing).

Upper Antelope 2
If you are in the canyon around mid day, there are a few places where narrow shafts of light beam down from above. The tour guides will toss a handful of sand into the air to capture the light and form ghostly clouds.

Upper Antelope 3

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