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About the Desert Marmot Website
The Desert Marmot website is an eclectic mix of photos, trip reports, stories, reviews, ramblings, rumblings, etc loosely centered around the natural beauty, amazing history, diverse cultures, roadside cafes and odd corners of the American West.

It is a place to store and share pictures and tales from my own travels and studies around the west, gather information about what to see, where to eat, how it got there, why you should go and other terribly important things that should have been on the web somewhere already, but weren't yet.

About Desert Marmots
The rare desert marmot (Marmota bergotta) is a distant relative of the better-known hoary marmot (Marmota caligata) frequently found in the mountains of the American West. Unlike their alpine relatives, the sun-loving desert marmots tend to be quite a bit larger, slightly less hairy and somewhat more geeky.

Their natural habitat includes mountains, deserts, canyons, national parks, ghost towns, bookshops, small cafes and microbreweries. They subsist largely on pizza and go through regular short - but intense - hibernation periods which biologists refer to as 'weekends'.

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