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After a long break, I have just posted new pictures from a recent trip to Grand Canyon (North Rim), Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and the famous Antelope slot canyon near Page. Canyons of every size, shape, and character - each one a bit different, all of them were pretty amazing. Oh, and I had a great burrito at the Bryce Canyon Lodge. Click Here to View Trip Report and Photos

Bryce Canyon Lodge
(Bryce Canyon National Park, UT)

We had two meals in the dining room at the Bryce Canyon Lodge and were pleasantly surprised by both. In particular, they have an elk meat chili and cheese burrito with a mango salsa. I am not usually a big fan of mango salsa, but this went very well with the other flavors. Maybe it was because we had just hiked out of the backcountry, but it was one of the best things I have ever eaten. They have a good selection of wine and local micro brews too including Squatter's amazingly complex Full Suspension Pale Ale.

Bryce Canyon Lodge Website

Come for the Canyon, Stay for the Burrito
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